There is no shortcut to a place worth going

muay thai gold coast training

I love Muay Thai. I love fighting.

But I’m not going to lie. I haven’t kept up my muay thai fitness since my last fight prep in 2013 which left me with a serious wrist injury.

I struggled to find my mojo back so I decided to focus on teaching and passing on my knowledge. 

But why let it go when it’s still in your reach, while you still love it?

I decided it’s time for another challenge in my life so I joined the guys @bennyblancomma to get into mma. Awesome facility, great trainers 👌🏻

After finishing my first bjj session, I was buzzing but I also felt kinda demotivated.

Not because I didn’t want to train anymore, but because I realized how long it would take me.

Was it even possible?

Right then and there I decided.

I will have to either decide to ‘try it for a while and fail’ or ‘I’ll have to decide to go ALL IN’.

Burn the bridges.
Cut the ropes.
No excuses.

Well, I’d love to say…”you can walk a different path”.

But to be completely honest, there is no shortcut to a place worth going.

Those who have reached that place and transformed themselves were willing to pay the price.

And those who weren’t?

They are still wondering ‘if’ it’s possible. And are still ‘just’ watching videos online.

So when you feel like quitting, focus on the good.
Focus on the things you have achieved, no matter how small.
Develop the right habits. And keep laying 1 brick at a time.

I’m ready for the challenge 😆


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