I’m an average girl on any given day. I like coffee dates with the girls, fancy dinners out and a chance to dress up. I can also curl up and watch episode after episode of Vikings in worn out tracksuit pants (the best tv series ever, I should know after watching it 5 times over 😊) I own a business with my bestie and I’m a trainer. All kind of standard or average if you will.

But average goes out the window when it’s time to TRAIN! It starts when I’m packing my bag to walk 100M down the road to get to BBAMMA. When I’m not training people, this is where I train and it’s no coincidence that it’s so close 😊 I walk into the smell of sweaty gloves drop my bag and start to wrap my hands. There is a familiar feeling of excitement and ease here.

No matter how I turn up to the place my mood always changes without fail. In training, I’m no longer average. In training, I’m dedicated, I’m focused and I’m inspired.

I was always “active” and a “co-ordinated kid” so in Belgium my parents thought this equated to tennis. This was a time when Steffi Graf and Monica Seles ruled the courts inspiring me to play and compete at a National level. At the age of 18, I took a chance on my dream of becoming a professional fighter. I put down the racket and picked up my first set of gloves, wraps and shin pads. Fast forward 16 years and I’m glad I took that chance, 25 fights worldwide, Belgium National Champ and I’ve trained alongside the best. In a male dominated sport, I was fortunate to FIND, TRAIN and UNLEASH MY INNER WARRIOR.

Nothing compares to the thrill of a fight. The excitement of all your efforts coming together, the comradery of the people you train with in your corner. The mental strength surprises you, you feel invincible, you’ve explored your potential and you’re at your best. This shit is in my blood, I could never give it up.

Now I have Bellatrixx Training, a female only gym. At Bellatrixx I will FIND, TRAIN and UNLEASH YOUR INNER WARRIOR.

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