How’s that New Years Resolution going?


According to the data pulled from Google by iQuanti, the most popular New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to Get Healthy. Close to 63million searches!!

We are now 6 days into February, so that means we have had well over a month to start seeing the benefits our new year’s resolutions are having on our life, right? (insert smiley face) Wrong! (insert sad face) Unfortunately whilst making New Years resolutions is something we are all familiar with statistics show that approximately 8% will see them through and live guilt free to set another in 2018. The other 92% will brush it off and carry on with their lives without change or deliberate efforts to reach their goals.

If you are part of the 92% that fell off the wagon or didn’t quite make it on in the first place I’m here to tell you all is not lost. Stop feeling guilty January 1st is just a date in the year and there are another 328 to choose from.

Here are 7 tips to help you achieve your health goals and “TRAIN YOUR INNER WARRIOR”

  1. Find your “THING”

Most of us have tried exercise in one form or another and may have been lucky enough to enjoy it first time around but for others a bad experience, mood or even time of the month has turned us off. Don’t let this stop you from finding your thing. There are hundreds of options out there to get you moving but be careful to recognise what you didn’t like. A weights session in a gym with overactive selfie takers can really kill the buzz but doesn’t mean you don’t like lifting weights. Running 5k through a busy metropolitan area with pedestrian lights stopping you every block won’t float your boat but an early morning run along the beach might. Taking a yoga class and attempting inversions at that time of the month…..say no more.

  1. Make it CONVENIENT

Choosing a gym or fitness class that’s 40mins drive from your house is probably not a good idea. Make it convenient. “School mums” are some of the most consistent clients to a 9.30am workout time as convenience plays a big part. We all know organising kids for school and extra-curricular activities is hard enough, now add the role of homemaker, head chef, laundry attendant, counsellor, uber driver and employee of the month and see how you go. If you are one of these superheroes find a class that’s on the way to school or work.

  1. Have a SMART GOAL

If you haven’t set yourself a goal how will you know when to pat yourself on the back once you’ve achieved it? Make sure when you make it that it ticks all the following boxes.

  1. Give it TIME

Give it time to show the benefits. Any new discipline, hobby or change needs time to flourish. Having crazy expectations to get back to your pre-baby body weight within the month is not only unrealistic but possibly dangerous to your health. Results can take time to show but hang in there cause when they do there will be no better motivation to set your sights on your next SMART GOAL or New Year’s Resolution.

  1. Join a FAMILY not a GYM

Choose a place where the people and trainers are interested in YOU. Have you ever been part of a gym and been the Nigel no friends? Walked past the reception desk and only acknowledged because your direct debit failed? We all have that nervous feeling of being left out or not being accepted. Get over this hurdle and take the leap with a friend. Let down the barrier and get involved. Given the chance I know there are many trainers who really do give  a sh#t and they tend to attract like minded clients. The old saying that “birds of a feather flock together” rings true.

  1. Don’t OVERDO it!

Whilst enthusiasm can take you a long way and get you started on your health and fitness journey you don’t want it to stop you by way of injury. If you haven’t been exercising regularly just ease into it. The body needs time to adjust and even seasoned athletes will ease into their training after a break to avoid injury. Building up your strength and limbering up may take a little longer but you won’t feel exhausted or crippled by muscle soreness to attend the next session.

  1. Make it FUN!

Firstly, choose to have fun! Exercise is not a chore! Done the right way with the right frame of mind many dedicated exercise enthusiasts will tell you that they love it. Importantly though FUN is not the only feeling you should nurture when exercising. If it makes you feel EMPOWERED, VIBRANT CONFIDENT, CONNECTED or ACCOMPLISHED it’s certainly “training your inner warrior”.


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