About Us


At Bellatrixx Training our mission is to create training programs for ALL women all over the world. Programs that build confidence, health and well being. Programs that teach women to train their inner warrior, to realise their own beauty and worth.

The Playground

Mieke Papy and Peteli Bott  aka PAPYBOTT have teamed up to create the ultimate warriors playground!

This playground has RULES!

  1. Leave your ego at the door.
  2. A sense of humor is a must.
  3. Fuck weigh ins, Fuck limitations, Fuck fashion
  4. Show up and do the work.
  5. The only competition here is with yourself.
  6. No whinging.
  7. No chatting, just STFU and train.
  8. Cell phones, see rule 7.
  9. If you vomit, you clean it.....and then keep going!
  10. Believe in your own beauty and worth.
mieke papy trainer

Mieke Papy

Mieke Papy is a Belgian born Muay Thai fighter with over 20 professional fights world wide. She has spent more than 12yrs dedicated to coaching fighters to train for the win and most recently designed and ran programs for one of the Gold Coasts premier female only gyms.

Her passion and experience in the health and fitness industry has naturally progressed to co-creating the "warriors playground". A place where the online Bellatrixx Training programs come to life!

  • Level 1 Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation (Belgium)
  • Level 1 Physical Education & Nutrition (Belgium)
  • Master in Sportsmanagement (Belgium)
  • NASM qualified (Hong Kong)
  • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness (Australia)
peteli bott trainer

Peteli Bott

Peteli Bott is a dedicated health and fitness trainer. Born in Coffs Harbour to an Australian Father and Tuvaluan Mother.

Like many Australian households sport was a big part of life. There are few sports this girl hasn't played but after realising her interest could be more than a hobby she decided to pursue a career in health and fitness.

Most recently she managed one of the Gold Coasts premier womens only gyms.